Josiah, king of Judah

Josiah, king of Judah
Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt by Rosalie and Antony E. David

Ancient Egypt. A Reference Guide. . 2011.

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  • Josiah — For other people of the same name, see Josiah (given name). Josiah King of Judah Reign 641/640 to 610/609 BC Born c. 648 BC …   Wikipedia

  • Josiah — /joh suy euh/, n. 1. Also, Douay Bible, Josias /joh suy euhs/. a king of Judah, reigned 640? 609? B.C. II Kings 22. 2. a male given name. [ Heb Yoshiyah God upholds] * * * I born с 640 BC died 609 BC King of Judah and religious reformer. He… …   Universalium

  • JOSIAH — (Heb. יׁאושִׁיּהוּ ,יׁאשִׁיָּהוּ), son of Amon, king of Judah (640–609 B.C.E.). When his father was assassinated, Josiah, then only eight years old, was proclaimed king. His reign was marked by a great national revival, and the author of the Book …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Josiah — m Biblical name (meaning ‘God heals’ in Hebrew) borne by a king of Judah, whose story is recounted in 2 Kings 22–3. This was fairly frequently used as a given name in the English speaking world, especially among Dissenters, from the 18th to the… …   First names dictionary

  • Josiah — [jō sī′ə, jōzī′ə] n. [Heb yōshīyāh, lit., the Lord supports] Bible a king of Judah in the 7th cent. B.C.: 2 Kings 22, 23: abbrev. Jos …   English World dictionary

  • Judah — Son of Jacob and Leah (Gen. 29:35) who gave his name to the tribe which settled in the south of Palestine, and thence to the country itself. David was anointed king of Judah (2 Sam. 2:4), but after capturing Jerusalem he became king also of the… …   Dictionary of the Bible

  • Josiah — (fl. 7th cent BCE)    King of Judah (640 609 BCE), son of Amnon. He was proclaimed king while still a child after his father was assassi nated. His reign was marked by a great religious revival; he removed foreign cults and re established… …   Dictionary of Jewish Biography

  • Josiah — Became king of Judah at the age of 8 in 639 BCE at a time when the power of Assyria was contracting, which enabled him both to expand the territory and to institute important religious reforms, said to be prompted by the discovery of a law book… …   Dictionary of the Bible

  • Josiah — noun A king of Judah. See Also: Josias …   Wiktionary

  • JOSIAH —    a king of Judah from 639 to 609 B.C.; was zealous for the restoration of the Jewish worship according to the ritual of Moses, as recently come to light in the discovery by Hilkiah the high priest of the Book of the Law ; he fell in battle… …   The Nuttall Encyclopaedia

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